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Active Data



Active Data Exchange has broad experience working with leading healthcare providers across the nation to align their organizations around a centralized master calendar of events.

For hospitals and healthcare insurers alike, our calendar software goes well beyond solving the basics of event scheduling to serving as a powerful outreach tool for the promotion of health and wellness activities.

Our calendar software is so easy to use that it encourages a self-service approach that enables you to decentralize the planning and responsibility of events to departments, individuals and outside groups while you retain full control and oversight.  You can tailor the workflow to conform to your existing approval process, and configure the presentation views with color codes and Gantt charts for fast comprehension.

Our Advanced Registration event registration software add-on automates and enhances event registration with customizable forms and fields that you can target to specific groups, such as cardiac or oncology patients, and allows you to collect far more meaningful information about each registrant to encourage a deeper relationship with your patients, members and the community.

Our Facilities Scheduling software add-on provides scheduling information and descriptive details about the availability of rooms and resources, which further empowers departments, individuals and outside groups to take the incentive and schedule their own events.

Active Data Calendar may easily become your favorite marketing resource.  The software features powerful syndication automation that enables you to promote your events to affiliated websites, email accounts, mobile devices and social media sites.  Virtually anyone can subscribe to event categories for automatic email and text notification, and can even synchronize personal scheduling software on smart phones to your master calendar.