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Active Data



Active Data Exchange provides the leading solutions for unifying government event information to a centralized calendar that dramatically simplifies event planning and administration.

We are unrivaled in our ability to import and aggregate event data regardless of its source.  This means you can unify all departments, affiliates and constituents to one all-inclusive master schedule of activities, regardless if they exist across districts, states or the entire country.

Our powerful add-on solutions enable you to optimize facility and resource management, as well as introduce sophisticated levels of privacy for internal-only or VIP events.  We are foremost a workflow solution provider that can streamline your event ownership and approval process to bring the highest standard of efficiency and ease-of-use to your existing hierarchy.

We empower you to syndicate event information to email, mobile devices, websites and social media with automated updates and alerts so that everyone involved remains in the know.  You can also easily export event and registration data to any third-party application or enterprise platform.

Whether your need is at the federal, state or local level, Active Data Exchange drives efficiency from top to bottom – and saves substantial revenue.