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Active Data

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About Active Data

Active Data helps customers build event communities. Our web calendar software makes it easy for people to find, search, register for, and share our client’s events.

Since our inception more than ten years ago, we have worked closely with a diverse set of organizations to deliver meaningful calendar software solutions to meet complex requirements. Active Data’s software relieves Chronic Calendar Pain by making data available across multiple platforms, while also providing robust functionality that transforms the calendar into a marketing tool.

“Our mission is to help our customers build event communities that drive visitor engagement with simple ways to share everything that revolves around dates and times.”

- Sue Yee, CEO

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Active Data provides excellent service across the board. Our technical services personnel are certified in all major Internet technologies, applications and systems. Our professional services staff is at the forefront of graphic design and new media, and is committed to successful campaigns that align with your long-term business and brand goals.