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New Layouts and Enterprise Features in Active Calendar 1.0.17

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“Without Active Data, I would still be working with varied staff, and adding content for my internal clients would be painful, slow, and expensive. They have proven to be a game changer for us.”
- The City of Bethlehem

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Welcome to Active Data, where our calendar solutions serve as a marketing and event management tool to help your drive repeat attendees, and increase return on investment. Our products, Active Data Calendar and Active Calendar, make it easy for your audience to find, register and share events through our event community engagement platform. With more than 10,000 licensed users adding events daily, plus tens of thousands more that submit events for approval, Active Data helps you cure the chronic calendar pain you didn’t know you had.

In the “plugged-in” society we live in today, keeping community and employees informed is vital. With Active Data’s calendar solutions, you can seamlessly sync your event information or announcements across desktops, tablets and mobile devices. We bring online calendaring into the modern age. Our calendar software was created by putting emphasis on the needs of both the event organizer and the attendee, and adapting to the digital world.

So much more than your average web calendar

Active Data’s software boasts features like ticketing and registration, room scheduling, private calendars, community publishing, and calendar sharing. Its intuitive interface eliminates confusion, allowing you to quickly organize and promote events.

Browse our site and learn more about our online calendar software, features, and services. Or, reach out to one of our sales specialist. We’ll set you up with the perfect online calendar for your company. In the end, you’ll receive the web-based scheduling software you want, customized to your needs. Sure, many other web calendar services let you schedule events and meetings online, but lack the personalized features and custom options to make them useful for an enterprise scenario. With Active Data’s calendar solutions, you’ll be able to build an event community that keeps them coming.