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Event Marketing

The Perfect Choice For Getting the Word Out.

Everything revolves around a date and time. So when you want your audiences to know key dates, or if you want them to get out and attend your events, use our Active Calendar Service. Publish, distribute and share your event feeds throughout desktop, mobile devices, tablets, websites, social media and wherever your stakeholders seek out things to do or schedules to know.

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Event Marketing

Tickets & Registration

Sell tickets, registrations and whatever else online

Our Ticketing and Registration Features help you get the most out of your online event marketing with easy to configure product types, forms, and online payment processing. Visitors can setup their own profile to make it easier for self service buying! It’s more than your every day event planning calendar.

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Event Registration

Private Calendar

When You Only Want A Select Few To Know.

Turn on our private calendar setting to grant selected visitors access to your calendars. Private events, meetings, marketing schedules, product release timelines, and project plans can all be locked to only those users that are authorized to view your private calendar.

It can serve as the foundation of your centralized calendar to assure the flow of event information is managed internally prior to your decision of whether to publicize the event or to keep it in a private calendar setting.

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Private Calendar

Room Scheduling

Make sure you have the room you want when you want it.

You can add Active Data’s online room scheduling solution to your Calendar with our Facilities Module. It enables fast and easy event planning on a wide scale, giving you online scheduling flexibility and confidence beyond what you’ve had before.

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Room Scheduling

Community Publishing

Open up your calendar for all to share their events with you.

Our community publishing tools provide you with a terrific way to open up more avenues to gather content for your community calendar. Open Entry is an umbrella term that comprises four add-on solutions for Active Data Calendar that enable you to decentralize event planning by giving your community, whether it is the general public or your general staff, the ability to submit events to your organization’s master calendar subject to your approval.  We provide the easiest and most intuitive community publishing functionality available anywhere.

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Community Publishing

Calendar Sharing

Sharing with your friends, co-workers, and any other human being.

The power to share or syndicate your event information with Active Data Calendar makes it an ideal marketing calendar software and web publisher. It’s simple to use but a powerful asset to your business and website. No other solution beats our calendar sharing capabilities.

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Calendar Sharing

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What Customers Are Saying

"We love our calendar, it’s one of the best investments we have made on software." 
- College Park (MD), City of
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Welcome to Active Data. Our mission is simple – to cure chronic calendar pain. Many people don’t realize they have it. We think it’s one of the biggest obstacles in the workplace leading to frustration, wasted time, and mistakes. Who has time for that?

Online calendars (or HTML calendars) are essential to keeping us connected to events and meetings. Today we are a “plugged-in” society. However, while many different productivity applications sync seamlessly across our desktop and mobile devices, calendaring has been limited. Companies struggle to keep their events easily accessible across all digital channels. Businesses see issues with attracting and registering attendees through different devices. Calendar sharing and publishing of event information is complicated with other services. Meeting room scheduling lives in isolation. This is an everyday occurrence. This is chronic calendar pain!

Why does everything need to be so disconnected? We stepped in with our Active Calendar software to bridge these gaps and bring online calendaring into the modern age. We made our calendar software easy to use by putting the emphasis on the needs of the both the event organizer and the attendee, and adapting to the digital world. We fulfilled your true calendar needs.

So much more than your average web calendar!

We know the calendaring space. We designed the Active Calendar software with the user and visitors in mind. Our software is feature-rich, but you don't have to be a geek to use it. An intuitive and easy-to-use interface eliminates confusion, allowing you to quickly do what you have to do.

Active Data (formerly Active Data Exchange) has been the leading provider of online commercial calendar software, used routinely in higher education, healthcare, government, and more. We focus on building fast, flexible, and extensible web-based calendars, while staying current with growing business demands.

While we have our roots in software, Active Data also provides services to support training and specific needs. We know customers have different needs, and we’ve scaled our services to be there for your customizations. Easily put our calendars on your domain with the help of our implementation specialists, or allow us to host your calendar for you. Our level of support and consultation stands Active Data apart from the rest.

The easiest way to promote and management your events

Point and click with our event management software! Simply put, we make event management easier, from communication to your team and attendees, to getting your events found online. Forget manually sending multiple emails and reminders. Forget keeping long lists of attendees, members, and details. You have an event to run!

With Active Data’s calendar, your regular tasks will be automated for you. We can even help you draw new visitors to your events by being SEO friendly and allowing you to publish directly to social media. We give you plenty of control over the events you publish.

Join thousands of users who already cured their calendar pain

Browse our site and learn more about our online calendar software, features, and services. Or, use the form above to speak to a sales specialist. Let us set you up with the perfect online calendar for your company. In the end, you’ll receive the web based scheduling software you want, customized to your needs. Sure, many other web calendar services let you schedule events and meetings online, but lack the personalized features and custom options to make them useful for an enterprise scenario. That’s what Active Data is all about – keeping your event information forever moving. Just like your business.

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